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Dealing with Anxiety Disorders, Phobias and Panic

Would you be surprised to learn that believe anxiety is a normal part of everyday life?

Without it we'd not have the ability to take appropriate care in situations where caution is to be advised, or to deal effectively with the constantly changing pressures and dangers of everyday life.

On the other hand, anxiety is not supposed to be constant force that dominates us and disrupts the quality of our lives. That’s precisely what out-of-control anxiety, in its various 'disorder' forms, does for a large percentage of the population - estimated to be in the order of 15-18% at any time in western populations.

The fact is, if anxiety causes your mind to perceive greater danger in a situation than actually exists, your brain will trigger the release of chemicals to prepare you to ‘fight’ that perceived danger or to escape from it. Continued activation of this ‘fight or flight’ response can eventually lead to the body releasing cortisol – the stress hormone – and make your body vulnerable to a wide range of illness.

Clearly, it’s very important to identify anxiety early and to seek help in dealing with it.

And here’s the really good news…

It is possible to deal with anxiety and find peace again.

Types of Anxiety Disorders..

Let's examine the main anxiety disorders you can manage using various forms of anxiety psychotherapy and in particular from anxiety hypnosis, hypnotherapy for anxiety and psychotherapy for anxiety, all of which services are available when you contact us.

You may have read about phobias and hypnosis, or perhaps heard about various successful outcomes from hypnotherapy and Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

While some of these topics and, of course, hypnosis for stress and anxiety are quite well known, not everyone is aware of the more specific approaches that can help people effectively manage various forms of anxiety.

Various combinations of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and psychotherapy can be very effective in the management of a range of anxiety disorders.

Psychotherapy that has been proven to be effective includes Cognitive Bahavioural Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT).

You can contact us to discuss an appropriate treatment of any of the following anxiety disorders:

  • Panic Disorder. Perhaps one of the most debilitating forms because of its sometimes unanticipated and often unpredictable onset of sudden and severe symptoms

    You can get more info from our free explanation paper on Panic Disorder.

  • Agoraphobia. The word is derived from the Greek meaning 'fear of open spaces or being in crowded market places or the like'. It takes a number of forms including fear of crowded places like shopping centres etc., and can be triggered by being on highways, being on bridges, standing in queues, and travelling in buses or trains (although this might also be claustrophobia).

    Agoraphobia can lead to people restricting their area of movement so much that their lives become limited to their home or even a single room within their house.

    You can get more info from our free explanation paper on agoraphobia.

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). This involves extreme concern and tension from worrying excessively about impending disaster, and/or health, money, career or family issues. Sufferers often realise their concerns are not justified by the situation but nonetheless find difficulty in being able to relax and find peace.

    You can get more info from our free explanation paper on GAD.

  • Social Anxiety. Many experts regard this to be the third most commonly experienced mental health disorder. It’s sometimes referred to as 'social phobia'.

    The disorder involves strong fear experienced when faced with the reality, or sometimes even the prospect, of social interaction. It often occurs because the sufferer has a fear of being negatively judged by other people. It commonly presents as a fear of public speaking (but not all fear of public speaking is explained by social phobia) but some extreme sufferers cannot even stand to use a telephone.

    You can get more info from our free explanation paper Social Anxiety Disorder

  • Specific Phobia. This involves an intense and irrational fear of specific things or particular situations.

    Lists of specific phobias with unusual and scientific sounding names extend to several pages long.

    Some of the more common specific phobias include fear of snakes, dogs, flying, speaking in public, spiders, being in open water, heights, lifts or escalators, needles, blood etc.

    About 10% of western populations have a specific phobia, often first noticed in adolescent years, yet only a fifth of adult-experienced phobias disappear without professional intervention.

    You can get more info from our free explanation paper on Specific Phobia.

Some level of anxiety in life is normal, but that doesn’t make it easy to tolerate when it goes beyond reasonable and helpful levels in our lives.
You can learn more about anxiety in general by downloading a free explanation paper which gives an overview of anxiety and various approaches to effectively dealing with it.

The good news is relief from anxiety– the return of a feeling of peace and harmony is possible.

Please feel free and contact us for assistance with any of the disorders described above.

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