Female Hypnosis

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Women

Female Hypnosis, NLP, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in various combinations can offer you relief from a wide range of emotional and clinical issues.

Clearly, many problems faced by women are also an issue for men. Equally obvious is the fact that there are some issues that are gender specific. In our experience, women are more likely than men to consult us to discuss issues. However, this tendency has been changing in recent times, and many more men are open to discussing their issues with a view to find a resolution.

The purpose of this page of our site is to identify areas where therapy can assist women address issues in their lives. We have included in our list both gender-specific issues and problems faced by both men and women.Following is a sample of the areas we refer to. It is by no means exhaustive, so please don’t be deterred from deciding to contact us for a chat simply by a problem not appearing on this list:

Increase Fertility

Experience Childbirth By Hypnosis

Recover from Post Natal Depression

Deal with grief from still birth or miscarriage experience

Quit smoking

Reduce wine drinking

Manage weight release

Increase exercise motivation

Deal with sleep problems

Manage stress and anxiety

Deal with depression

Relieve allergies

Enhance sports and business performance

For more information on how female hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP or psychotherapy can help you, contact us.


Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

Have you been diagnosed with 'unexplained infertility'?

Are you simply waiting to increase fertility and become pregnant?

Research by Israeli Professor Eliahu Levitas shows that hypnotherapy can double the effectiveness of IVF programs. For further information on how you might benefit from Hypnosis for Fertility, even if you've been diagnosed as having 'unexplained infertility' contact Alan Patching via our contact page.

Alan Patching, practice Principal of Alan Patching and Associates, is National Director for Australia and New Zealand of the international HypnoFertility Foundation and is the Foundation's accredited trainer in HypnoFertility techniques for therapists in Australia.

Birth by Hypnosis

Did you know that:

  • There has been a huge increase in caesarian section births in the western world
  • The increase in the USA is from 4.5% in 1965 to 31.8% in 2007
  • In Australia, the increase is from 20.35% in 1997 to 30.65% in 2006
  • The World Health Organisation maintains there is no valid reason for caesarian births to exceed 10-15%

We believe the numbers would decrease if women could approach childbirth without fear.

Birth By Hypnosis can help you to:

  • Reduce your fears about child birth, and
  • Prepare for a comfortable child birth experience

Women who have completed our HypnoBirthRite or Birth By Hypnosis programs also generally report shorter delivery times and several have experienced birthing times shorter than four hours, even for first deliveries.

Alan Patching and Associates Principal, Alan Patching, is the formally appointed trainer of Birth by Hypnosis techniques for Australia and New Zealand based therapists. He also developed the HypnoBirthRite hypnosis based approach to birthing.

Get more information on these techniques or arrange a chat with Alan direct via our contact page.

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