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Psychotherapy and Hypnosis for Fertility

You've probably heard the story - you might even know someone who's experienced the story.

A couple try for ages to have a child - without success.

They decide either to adopt or simply to accept they'll remain childless.Very soon after that decision, they become pregnant.

Why is this so?

The obvious answer is their stress about not getting pregnant has been removed.

Make no mistake about it, stress can play havoc with your body systems and there's every reason to believe the negative effect of stress can effect your reproductive system as much as any other body function.

And one other important point. Most attention in fertility help appears to be placed on feminine hypnosis - hypnosis for women - when fertility challenges arise, but there's strong evidence that male issues also contribute significantly to fertility challenges.

The Mayo Clinic Website tells us

'An estimated 10-15% of couples in the USA are classified as infertile. In about half the cases, male infertility is a factor'.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic believes that:

'Of all couples classified as infertile, female infertility accounts for 40-50%. In 30-40% the man's sperm is the cause while the remaining 10-30% is attributed to both male and female infertility or is unexplained.'

What is Infertility?

'Infertility' is usually defined as not becoming pregnant despite 12 months of frequent unprotected sex.’

The term ‘infertility ‘would have been used in that context in the comments above.

And a small but important footnote to definition. ‘Frequent unprotected sex’ should probably be extended to mean ‘at the right time of the female cycle’. That might sound like a superfluous comment, but clinic experience tells me it needs to be made.

Of course, there are causes of fertility challenges other than stress; a physiological or psychological problem for example.

Dealing with the former is a matter for your doctors. However, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can be a great help in dealing with stress and psychological issues.

Hypnofertility - Fertility Hypnosis

People facing fertility challenges (which is a better term to use than 'infertility') will be familiar with the following sources or stress and anxiety:

  • Worrying if you are too old to conceive
  • Worrying if you have any remaining eggs
  • Worrying if your eggs are of good enough quality
  • Worrying if your sperm is of sufficiently good quality
  • Wondering if it’s safe to have a child at a certain age
  • Experiencing growing concern as yet another natural cycle passes with no pregnancy
  • Concerns - sometimes even fears - about the medical procedures involved with IVF
  • Increasing concern as yet another IVF cycle doesn't result in pregnancy
  • Relationship stress arising our of your intimate life being dictated to a large extent by cycle times, mucus consistencies and temperature readings - hardly conclusive to sexual activity spontaneity
  • Worrying about the financial stress of repeated IVF cycles
  • After IVF embryo implantation, worrying about receiving a positive pregnancy test at the end of the cycle
  • On becoming pregnant, worrying about a miscarriage after all that effort getting pregnant, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy

Often, people suffering stress and trying to get pregnant need fertility help.

Psychotherapy and Fertility Hypnosis can greatly assist couples to reduce the level of stress that can negatively impact their chances of pregnancy - whether or not they're using an IVF program to deal with their fertility challenges.

Psychotherapy and hypnosis for fertility can also help people deal with any psychological blockages - 'negative imprints' - which might prevent pregnancy.

For example, from knowledge of 'mind-body' medicine, it would not be unreasonable or surprising to find that an intense fear of childbirth might contribute to fertility issues.

Appropriate counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can help you effectively deal with negative imprints, and enhance your chances of pregnancy.

To learn more about how psychotherapy and HypnoFertility can help you deal with fertility challenges, arrange a chat with Alan Patching via our contacts page.

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