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Meet Alan Patching

It’s important to be sure the person you consult to help you manage various issues is well qualified for the task.

Equally, it 's good to be curious about both the ability and the credibility of your chosen therapy practitioner. To assist you satisfy that curiosity, we provide the following information about our principal, Alan Patching.

Alan provides you with the following practical experience and qualifications:

Business related

  • He knows the real world, because he has established and run several businesses and has also been the CEO of a significant publicly listed entity, so you can rest assured that, if you’re dealing with a career or work related issue, you are not going to be served up irrelevant and theoretical psycho-babble
  • He knows how to solve problems practically - before going into full time practice, he was the Project Director responsible for managing the design, construction and pre-Olympic operations of the Sydney Olympic Stadium - and he has managed billions of dollars of other projects as well - so whether you seek business or personal life related assistance, he’s well qualified to give you the appropriate counselling
  • He knows about leadership (and how you can change the way you self-lead your life)- he’s delivered presentations on the topic over many years for numerous leading organisations around the world - he was even personally invited by the Royal Court of one country to present for its King and its Ministers - so you can expect highly respected cutting edge information
  • He is an adjunct professor at Bond University

Personal life related

  • He has helped many people of different ages and backgrounds to manage a wide range of personal, business/career, performance related, relationship related and clinical issues.
  • He is one of a relative handful of people (and the only person in Australia) who holds the coveted Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (4 years of training) from the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy of the United Kingdom (NCHP-UK) - so you get highly qualified advice.
  • He also holds the Diploma of Hypno-Psychotherapy from the NCHP-UK
  • He is listed in the ‘International Who’s Who’ and holds coveted Diplomate status (invitation only) with the International Academy of Behavioural Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy

Other Qualifications

Other qualifications Alan Patching holds include:

  • An Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapeutic Arts and Sciences from the UK Academy of Hypnotherapeutic Arts and Sciences
  • A Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling from the Academy of Applied Hypnosis in Australia
  • Board Certified Hypnotherapist of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) of the USA - the world's largest organisation for Consulting Hypnotists
  • Certified Instructor of Hypnotism from NGH
  • Certified in Clinical Hypnotism by NGH
  • Fellow of the National College Student and Alumni Group (UK)
  • Dr. Richard Bandler (NLP co-founder) certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Dr. Richard Bandler trained and certified, licenced trainer of NLP
  • Certified practitioner and trainer of HypnoFertility
  • Was the first Australian Regional Director of the USA based international HypnoFertility Foundation
  • Is Principal of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy of Australia , an organisation established to offer the courses of the NCHP-UK in Australasia
  • Is a Professional clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association
  • Is a Professional clinical member of the Australian society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • Is the only Australian working directly with physician and hypnotherapist, Dr. Dennis Chong and his wife Jennifer Chong, both of Canada, founders of Neuro Semantic Programming on Australian application of their therapeutic technology

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Meet Our Principal

Alan Patching

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