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Our Services

Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy is often a misunderstood term. Find out what psychotherapy is and whether it is a treatment that will give you the best outcome.

Hypnotherapy - What is hypnotherapy, how does it differ from hypnosis and does it work? We answer all of your questions to help you work out if hypnotherapy is the right path for you.

Hypnosis - Find out some more about hypnosis before you decide what's right for you to enhance your life and career.

Counselling - Counselling, often called 'guidance counselling' can help you to resolve issues, deal with trauma and grief, and gain insight to help you move forward in your life.

Stop Smoking - If you are ready to quit smoking then hypnosis gives you the best chance of overcoming your habit or addiction.

Anxiety and Phobias

If anxiety, disorder or a phobia is disrupting the quality of your life then a combination of therapies can be effective in managing a range of anxiety disorders.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Social Anxiety


Women may have gender-specific issues that can benefit from hypnotherapy and hypnosis.




Fertility issues can affect both men and women, and fertility help can be provided in varied forms as well as in stress reduction.

Fertility Help

Performance and Leadership

The fact is most training in the area of leadership is conducted either by psychologists with little first hand knowledge of corporate life or by trainers with little in depth understanding of human behaviour.

Why not decide to learn new skills from a registered psychotherapist with major business experience including as CEO of a prominent publicly listed entity.

Business Leadership

Sports Performance

Training Courses

Thinking about a change of career?

You can now earn a Certification in Hypnotherapy right here in Australia from one of Europe's oldest and most respected colleges.

Certification in Hypnotherapy

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